Inaccurate: Japanese government to subsidize half of travel expenses for foreign tourists

News that the Japanese government will dip into its supplementary budget to launch a “Go To Travel Campaign” in the hope of attracting tourists back to the depressed tourism sector has spread overseas and construed to mean “half of the travel expenses of foreign nationals will be subsidized by the government”. …Read More

Misleading: Finance Minister Taro Aso’s: Japan’s “fewer deaths than the West are due to the difference in the social standards”

Minister of Finance Taro Aso told parliament on June 4 that Japan has fewer COVID-19 deaths than other countries because Japanese people have higher moral standards and had obeyed the government’s more lenient requests for self-restraint despite there being no penalties. …Read More

False: A nurse who tested positive for the new coronavirus is at the source of a massive hospital-associated infection (HAI) outbreak

According to Chinese mini-blog Weibo, which quoted a report by Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi around the end of April, 120 people were infected in two days in a large-scale hospital-associated infection (HAI) outbreak in Osaka due to a nurse who tested positive for covid-19 and who was forced to continue to work at her hospital. …Read More