False: A nurse who tested positive for the new coronavirus is at the source of a massive hospital-associated infection (HAI) outbreak

According to Chinese mini-blog Weibo, which quoted a report by Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi around the end of April, 120 people were infected in two days in a large-scale hospital-associated infection (HAI) outbreak in Osaka due to a nurse who tested positive for covid-19 and who was forced to continue to work at her hospital. …Read More

Fabrication: Facebook post “Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe staged his visit to survivors of a typhoon”

A photo of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visiting a shelter in an area struck by Typhoon Hagibis (No.19 in Japan) on October 10th, 2019 was doctored to mislead viewers into believing that Abe shot this photo in a studio. The fabricated photo spread widely on Facebook around mid-March 2020. …Read More